RaunchLaunch….the aftermath

Wow, what a night!


It’s taken us this long to recover from last Wednesday’s Bordello spectacular. I don’t think the Black Heart has ever seen so much luscious lingerie! It was really fabulous to see so many people out and about in their best Bordello wear.


Not many people know this but the Black Heart is where Bordello Rose became Bordello Rose! We were supporting John Corabi as an acoustic lineup called Parkway when Dave mentioned that we were looking for a drummer. Kamil just happened to be doing merch and came up to us afterwards. Turned out we had some friends in common and we arranged to hook up for a jam. I guess you could call it love at first sight!

So it was really extra special to come back for our launch night!image

David Ryder Prangley and Dany Jones were fab on the decks, plus Donna Marie did some stunning makeovers as well as making the band look extra gorgeous. She was also on hand to lace up Christina’s corset (epic boobage!).image Liza needed to be able to breathe to blow so went with a more naked look….image


Star Scream were incredible and we were lucky to have them supporting us. Thank you to all the venue staff and our fab sound guy who did an amazing job.

So yeah….the album is here! Tell your friends, tell your family to give it a listen and download it on iTunes! We’ll be back soon on the 8th July at the Big Red! Xx