RaunchLaunch….the aftermath

Wow, what a night!


It’s taken us this long to recover from last Wednesday’s Bordello spectacular. I don’t think the Black Heart has ever seen so much luscious lingerie! It was really fabulous to see so many people out and about in their best Bordello wear.


Not many people know this but the Black Heart is where Bordello Rose became Bordello Rose! We were supporting John Corabi as an acoustic lineup called Parkway when Dave mentioned that we were looking for a drummer. Kamil just happened to be doing merch and came up to us afterwards. Turned out we had some friends in common and we arranged to hook up for a jam. I guess you could call it love at first sight!

So it was really extra special to come back for our launch night!image

David Ryder Prangley and Dany Jones were fab on the decks, plus Donna Marie did some stunning makeovers as well as making the band look extra gorgeous. She was also on hand to lace up Christina’s corset (epic boobage!).image Liza needed to be able to breathe to blow so went with a more naked look….image


Star Scream were incredible and we were lucky to have them supporting us. Thank you to all the venue staff and our fab sound guy who did an amazing job.

So yeah….the album is here! Tell your friends, tell your family to give it a listen and download it on iTunes! We’ll be back soon on the 8th July at the Big Red! Xx

The Album is here!

So our debut album is finally out!


Featuring stunning artwork by Karolina Krol, the CD is only available from our online shop here: you can get the digital download from iTunes, Amazon etc.

We can’t wait to hear what you think! We’re booking tour dates for September at the moment so hoping to be coming to a town near you very soon…. Xx







Outta My Head….out soon!

24th April is release day for our second single and a live video which was shot at the legendary Camden Underworld.


We’ll be following up with more gigs and the release of our debut album in the summer. Subscribe to stay up to date.

Fun on Film!

Breaking news….next week we’re gonna be taking over one of our absolute fave venues, The Underworld, in true revolutionary style for a guerrilla music video shoot!


It’s for Dave’s song, though, so there will likely be less hot pink involved and more khaki. We’re supporting Kristopher Roe from The Ataris afterwards. It’s our first full band acoustic set for an age.

We just might use a few shots from the crowd in the final cut so come on down if you wanna see your face on film! We promise that there won’t be any green paint involved this time…. Details here!

A Very Black Friday at Westfield

Many apologies to those of you who were looking forward to seeing us rock out at Westfield ice rink this afternoon.

We received the following automated email from Westfield yesterday cancelling the gig. It’s difficult for me to say how disappointed we were to get this message and to let you guys down. We booked the gig two months ago and it was confirmed by email in good faith.


As a result we have now cancelled the December gig too, as we don’t want to let you down again.

As unsigned musicians we face a battle to get ourselves heard and that’s why we took this gig in the full knowledge that it wasn’t paid and we weren’t allowed to sell merchandise. We were hoping to reach a wider audience. Instead we have been forced to let people down. Dave has lost money from turning down two paid gigs he was offered for this weekend. And we haven’t even received a phone call or personal apology from Westfield. As far as they know, we could still be planning to turn up.

Please support our twitter campaign #blackfridayformusic : let’s make our voices heard and stop big corporates treating unsigned musicians like dirt!

With love from Liza and all at Bordello Rose xx

Flamingo Magic!

Phew…. we’ve just about recovered enough to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who came down to our Roof Gardens gig in Kensington on Friday night. It was fantastic to party with so many friends… and to spy some of you looking super sexy in Bordello Rose T Shirts!

Rocking it up on the Roof Gardens stage!

Rocking it up on the Roof Gardens stage!

Sharlette, Rony and Fudge were all absolutely incredible – we DEFINITELY got our funk on. Lorraine from Success Express was organising with her usual flair and excellence and Silvio was an absolute wizard on the sound desk.

Not only that but they threw us fireworks for dessert! In fact, we’re considering adding fireworks and flamethrowers to our rider (a band can dream!) Some of the band may have stayed late drinking cocktails and dancing…. but then it WAS our birthday gig!

It’s our two year anniversary this Wednesday so we’re taking each other out for dinner (awww!). There’ll be news on our next release very soon and we’re also working on some very special album artwork!

Next up is an intimate acoustic set at the World’s End on the 21st November- see you there! xx

JEALOUSY is here- 7th September!

Our very first single is out on the 7th September!!! Not only that but our sizzling promo video too!

Jealousy Single PromoAnd YOU can help us promote it! Please like our Facebook page and join our special event where we will be announcing the link to the video and single download on the day, plus some exclusive previews of the action….

We’ve had a lot of fun making our promo video- in fact some members of the band had a bit TOO much fun. And we had a man down with an unfortunate impact related injury (although he will play the drums again, thankfully!). All will be revealed in due time….


We’ve been lucky to work with some fab people, not only that but to get those same fab people DRUNK AS SKUNKS at our wrap party. You know it’s a good party when a bongo player turns up at midnight…. and so he did. Perhaps we’ll feature him in the next video! Benjamin Britworth and Olivia Rowe brought their saucy plotline and directorial magic with Barney Batchelor an absolute wizard on the camera. Donna Marie‘s make up was brilliant, not to mention the gorgeous Sarah Beebe as Jealousy! Thank you all so much guys, we can’t wait till the next one!

Video Magic

We’ve been busy here in the Bordello Rose camp- although you may not think it…. but that’s because we have been gearing up for our first single release in the autumn.

The album is currently being mastered, and if that’s not enough we have been busy working on a promo video with our super talented producer David Ryder Prangley and many other fantastic folk. We have an upcoming shoot where a lot of fun will be had and we’ll all get covered in green paint, plus a few other surprises we can’t wait to share with you! After having strangled each other with drumsticks and a mic lead last time there aren’t many limits left to explore, so should be an interesting one! And if that’s not enough we are also working on some hot new tunes. Phew!

Saying that though we can’t wait to get out and PLAY…. so we’ve been booking some exciting gigs for the autumn including a slot at Kensington Roof Gardens. More will go up soon so keep an eye out- we can’t wait to see you all there!

It’s getting hot in here….

Hey guys!

Welcome to Bordello Rose . com! If it’s not quite what you were expecting, don’t worry, come right in!

We just discovered that a whole lot of visitors are coming to our site from youporn.com. Yup, the wonders of the internet…. The good news for you guys is that we have a video in the pipeline for our first single which should be out in July. (It won’t be naked, well not completely, but we like to leave a tiny bit to the imagination….) We’re getting everything mastered very soon and we’re excited about how it’s sounding- can’t wait to share it with you!

We’ve also had a sexy photoshoot with the fantastic Rowan Spray – more shots coming soon! For those from youporn, there was underwear involved!

Last night we had a fantastic time supporting Enuff Z Nuff at the Underworld, who rocked! We had a wide range of pre gig band fuel ranging from whisky to water, which seemed to get things going pretty damn well.

We’re back out on the 28th at Floripa- check here for more details. See you then!

Wearing Bordello Rose this season?

It’s been great to get out and about on the road recently…. we’ve been round and about London on our ‘M25 World Tour’ taking in St Albans and Kingston amongst others.

As we’ve been gigging a bit, we thought it was about time we got some merch… and here it is! We’ve got logos in virgin white and raunchy red- so it’s up to you which way you want to go. Personally I think they both look sexy….

You too can own one for a mere 8 English pounds- check out our shop here!

T shirt White Logo

Bordello Rose T Shirt WHITE