It’s getting hot in here….

Hey guys!

Welcome to Bordello Rose . com! If it’s not quite what you were expecting, don’t worry, come right in!

We just discovered that a whole lot of visitors are coming to our site from Yup, the wonders of the internet…. The good news for you guys is that we have a video in the pipeline for our first single which should be out in July. (It won’t be naked, well not completely, but we like to leave a tiny bit to the imagination….) We’re getting everything mastered very soon and we’re excited about how it’s sounding- can’t wait to share it with you!

We’ve also had a sexy photoshoot with the fantastic Rowan Spray – more shots coming soon! For those from youporn, there was underwear involved!

Last night we had a fantastic time supporting Enuff Z Nuff at the Underworld, who rocked! We had a wide range of pre gig band fuel ranging from whisky to water, which seemed to get things going pretty damn well.

We’re back out on the 28th at Floripa- check here for more details. See you then!